Yearning to breathe free….

Hi everyone… It is quite incredible to find myself blogging. Now you may ask why? in answer I must say that I used to hate blogging in the first place. How is it that a blog hater come to start his own..? Reasons are not hard to find. Firstly, I have fairly huge amount of time to kill ( since I am doing PhD ) and secondly I need my creativity to let out itself in form of words, sentences and expressions. You know how it feels when you drown in water. You desperately need air!!. I too needed the air of creative outburst from drowning into a life held on strings and puppetry.  This air calls for a new sense of self to shout out loud to people about how I feel and how I see the world. It is how Robinson Crusoe must have felt to talk to Friday. Today I really feel that in every nerve.

Why is there a need to shout ?

The society we live today is getting sophisticated than getting simple and more fulfilling. Sophistication is not just technology that has enveloped us but also the mannerisms, lifestyles that people have started adopting. People are no longer with the society. They all are going to the same place but, their minds are elsewhere. In the place where I live, I see such a situation. People are like zombies boarding into trains and buses. You see different varieties two huddled up zombies, zombies with books, zombies with cell phones chattering away, zombies with iPhones playing away..”What the hell am I doing here?”  By the time the question clicks on your “foreign mind”, you are a zombie too. So in the zombie club we see each other suspiciously as though we were aliens and behave unnaturally and formally. Here the need comes to shout, to wake everyone up and to realize that we are together what we are and not alone.

Thanks is not enough…

So with this blog, I wish to shout and wake people up from their worldly slumber and see the world afresh and about. I thank my parents, my mother who taught me English from ABC, I am indebted to her forever. Then I am  grateful to the persons whom I am specially related to, who have influenced my life in some point or other, advising me and making me understand and rejuvenating me. Thanks is not enough and the list is endless and thus, it will be just apt to say that I am whatever I am today because OF  YOU ALL. I dedicate this blog to you all.

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3 comments on “Yearning to breathe free….

  1. sreeja says:

    All are living like that.Some people are thinking differently..those who are thinking like that can do wonders.
    Sometimes these outbursts may strike someone.But this society is more worse than that.
    whatever we can do ,do it. Only thing we should not guide our next generation like that.

  2. jadoo says:

    keep it shuv…i also started…but the JOSH factor…went a few days… like the steam just got evaporated….and i closed all my blogging …creative writings…any way all the best….and Wat abt u r painting skills….u started in 1st pg.. Wat happened to it…its a good time killer….r i feel the best NOVELS….u know me rite…it just eats away your time…..

    all the best…

    PS: don’t forget to play basketball…and also the video…

  3. […] Yearning to breathe free…. ( […]

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