Crippled in the Mind…!!

How many of you are handicapped? Not physically, rather mentally. Let me elaborate. In our daily lives, we  entangle with so many gadgets(phones, laptops) and infatuations(internet, iPhone games, Facebook notifications). Let me concisely name them as goodies. These  goodies give us our share of happiness. Slowly it happens so that we can’t live without these simple looking innocent goodies. That means we have grown new limbs. If goodies are temporarily removed from our sight,  we feel excruciating pain. You are Crippled. Ain’t you?(Don’t feel shy to admit. Even I am.)

And how does it feel being  Crippled?   It is the predicament when you don’t have access to internet for a brief while(probably your internet service provider was taking a quick nap). It is the agony of not having network signals on your mobile, no television, no geyser et cetera. So you are crippled in the mind. A mental block comes over saying that you can’t function without your gadget.

It is common to feel handicapped, but it is uncommon to go beyond. It is not wrong to use gadgets, but it is pitiable to get used by them. So  how do we go about them?

1. Being a villager ….Simpler the better

The science and technology have indeed made us dependent. Is just ‘being’ so tough? It is just that we have forgotten how to live like a villager. A villager has  lots of contentment in his heart. He enjoys every bit of happiness that a city dweller can dare imagine. He is full of peace. Even if you live in a city, you can be a villager at heart. You can reduce the number of gadgets you use daily. When you are doing a task, do it single heartedly. Avoid multiple tasks.  Avoid the infatuation to check your mail every few minutes. Nobody would write to you or expect you to reply  in less than an hour. Regarding Facebook notifications, life will not drastically change if you come to know whether somebody liked your link or commented on a photo of yours. Those comments can wait and are not going to get erased.

2. Take a break

Just leave aside all the screens of your life (including your mobile phone, tv , computer)  and go for a walk around if not a hike to a village. You will feel absolutely in tune with surroundings without any of the gadgets freaking you up.

3. Be patient

Sometimes life teaches us to be patient and to persevere.  Everything in today’s world is paced up; Right from the cereal in the morning to the quick supper in the night. In such a racy world, it pays to slow yourself down and understand what is happening. Then you can predict what is going to happen next and take the appropriate step. If something is not working, don’t try to replace the gadget but try to repair it. If the internet is slow, you don’t have to pull out your hair. Wait, be patient, do something meaningful meanwhile and come back. Gadgets are dumb. You are intelligent. Don’t think otherwise.


Life in our times is indeed a great deal different from what our forefathers lived. We do require the miracles of Science and technology for our work to progress.(For example, an internet connection is needed to post this blog.) But the point is that we must not allow ourselves to become slaves of these gadgets.  Do not allow them to become your limbs. We can live without them as well. They are just means to an end and not the end in itself!!! So lets live like a human and kill the potential  gadget zombie within us.


3 comments on “Crippled in the Mind…!!

  1. Ravikanth says:

    Yes Shuvan. I think thats the reason for rules at our hostel.It should be an inspiration for us to continue ..

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