Digital Humans, Analog Life

Dear friends,

I was looking through the window of a public bus on my way to the university. It suddenly hit me that the journey was continuous on the bus , but you can get down at only bus stops. Now anything discrete is digital isn’t it ? So in my example , the bus-stops are digital (it is either 0 or 1 ) and the bus ride is analog. You get the picture, don’t you ?
Generally speaking, we all like to be digital. You may wonder that I am telling so because of our voracious internet(digital world) tastes. Rather I say so because we humans try to classify everything. We draw maps, we construct roads, we build cities, we plan , we design, we make recipes and what not we do. So for us, it is then easy to understand when we have everything lined out. But life is analog isn’t it ? Time just passes, trees grow slowly, air blows smoothly and water flows effortlessly in a river or a stream. There is nothing called discrete as we see the nature and its unknown processes. Everything just smoothly goes away there are no infinities (mathematicians created that). Even if a tsunami or an earthquake comes, it destroys wreaking a havoc but in a flow.

The point is that although we try to make everything discrete, life is analog. We need to sometimes come out of our discretizing behaviour to see the hidden analog emotions, sensations. In some way, logic is discrete(indeed it is, it governs the way  we program computers) and the emotions are analog. To explain this is not tough, try as much, but can you measure the love of a mother to her child? I can’t. I can’t tell, for example, that you cried for two hours, so about 2 litres of water flowed from your eyes , so you must have 52 hurts according to emotion-o-metric equation.  You fail to measure the feelings , but that inability to measure them doesn’t make them worthless. Some people live because of a feeling. We fail to measure the world, although we think we can by counting the number of species – we still keep finding new ones daily.  We think we know all about earth , but still we can’t predict when a storm or quake is about to come. Therefore ample number of examples demonstrate that try as much we can to differentiate nature and natural processes, we will end up ourselves in the mess that we are in now. I am not against science and development as I am pursuing science research myself. But I am against the apathy we show to nature and its processes denying it the respect that it deserves.

You remember that saying which says

Money can buy you bed, but not sleep.Money can buy you a house, not a home.

Money can buy you food, but not appetite.Money can buy you medicine, but not health.

and the list goes on …

Have you ever wondered why the all-powerful money fails to give these small pleasures or rather basic human needs ? It is so because money is man-made and not natural. We fail to sometimes account for our real human nature derived from mother nature. We can’t buy some things. So the lesson is to be yourself and don’t ever think that you are a computer for God’s sake !!!

P.S. But physicists will disagree and say that everything is quantum in the nano world. When it comes to atoms, we see bizarre behaviour like discrete energy levels, discrete charge etc. That is nature too but in a different domain. We are not atoms, we are big masses with so many biomolecules interacting with each other with something not easily available life. We are different from being just mere atoms. However, Quantum world has a lot to teach about basic truths of life. A post will come soon highlighting this quantum  understanding. )


5 comments on “Digital Humans, Analog Life

  1. baggedemotions says:

    I’m not quite sure I can grasp what your trying to enlighten but interesting post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks for reading 🙂 Well Here I am trying to show how logic and emotions within us relate to real entities outside us such as man’s creations and nature’s creations. I was trying to understand how we perceive life based on emotions and logic . Both have equally profound impact on our lives and we still don’t know how to balance both.

  2. mrinal says:

    Bro, I did not take kindly to the scorn you heaped when you implied that mathematicians created infinity. Your sarcasm and contempt was not particularly well hidden, and you proceeded to move on from the topic, like it did not deserve your analysis and time to be thought about. Well the flame wars between mathematicians and physicists has well and truly begun, and it is an absolute privilege to be your housemate. we will see more of the battle when I return to singapore. Make hay while the sun shines. I’ll be back with a destructive vengeance.


    • Sorry bro , it was not at all intended to hurt mathematicians. I just said that infinities are imagined by man (still questionable whether they exist ). In nature, we don’t see any such thing as infinity. I hope you got the context. But, as far as the war is concerned, I too am ready 🙂 lets set up a blog and discuss there. CIAO

  3. […] these months writing a few articles on how we perceive few things in society such as emotions , the digital thinking of humans, routines and our dependence on technology. The way it behaves is what none understands. Society […]

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