Routine thought !!!

From the very day we started breathing, our life began. As part of our life, we did, are doing and will keep doing the routines. A routine is any act which people perform often subconsciously rather than consciously. We know how a washing machine works, so washing clothes is a routine. While we are dumping clothes for washing, we can think of several other things. I hope by now you will understand what I mean by routine.  From the childhood to adulthood, we train ourselves to do routines. We credit routines as the boring things in life ’cause we need to do them again and again.I hate trimming nails, for example, I wish they remained small forever. These routines which we despise, we hate and we complain about are probably the most important part of our lives. Let me elaborate.

An official routine like writing a paper for a professor, analyzing a balance sheet for an auditor are very usual jobs for the respective professionals in their area. For every established procedure, there are a basic set of rules or procedures. You follow them to the word and the job gets done. Then, some people do spiritual routines such as chanting Lord’s name, going to place of worship regularly, praying to God , keeping fast and so on . Have you ever wondered why we follow routines? Why do some people, if not you mad, to do a ritual again and again ? What motivates us to do a routine ?

Well, in my view, a routine makes you progress day-to-day. Unless an employee finishes the work for today, the company doesn’t move forward in the financial year. If the student doesn’t experiment today , the supervisor will be unable to report a paper in time. If sweeper doesn’t clean the floor today , tomorrow a viral infection will spread in the hospital. If your heart stops beating for a second, you know where you will be ?

So an everyday routine in fact helps you achieve a longer goal probably unseen(for those who are doing it-student/employee )  or visualized(for those who want to achieve, or recommend the routine having achieved so far professor/CEO).  So, routines help in progress of an individual, company, organization, society and country as a whole.

However, actual progress and goal will still elude you. This happens often because our routines become mechanical and we just do it as though there was no soul in us. We don’t think for even a second wait let me see or try how to make it more simpler. I had many occasions where my peers never allowed me to try something new ’cause they always felt it was easier to do the routine than what takes to make it easier. This inertia or resistance is not new. But, to overcome the inertia, one needs to dare. A routine is uninteresting if a person doesn’t do it with passion. There are innumerable reasons why some people succeed and why others don’t. The secret is that those who succeed are doing something more! That more can be smartness, quality or quantity or skill or talent. Well, the routine becomes more beautiful if we add colors to it. Mother cooks food daily but doesn’t she feel good daily about it thinking about her children’s health.  If the gardener didn’t put heart into his work , flowers will never bloom. Even in the rituals for God, thinking of him and feeling him in different ways makes you a better devotee.

It is not enough to do routines, but it is more important to follow a single routine. Choose one and stick to it. When river leaves the glacier, it takes a path, sticks to it and cuts through the mountains. Let us be the river in our lives running away to make our way towards the ocean,our goal.  If we rather choose many alternate paths we will just remain a stagnating pond progressing in no direction, remaining where we started. For example, people choose yoga, aerobics, Pilates and gym all one after the other without giving adequate time to either of them. Their fat remains as it is with zero progress on any front. Many battlefronts made Hitler lose the world war.  Routines make habits and good habits lead us to a fruitful and satisfying life.  The lesson from the river is to move on in life spreading freshness and vitality towards your cherished life goals.

Grand Canyon

Image by Markusnl via Flickr

We would never had called Grand Canyon grand if not for the river that persisted for centuries making its way through the immovable rocks.

I would love to read your views about the routines in your life and how you deal with them!! 🙂


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