Matter has life!!!

pet plant

Image by Michael Sarver via Flickr

If anybody tells me that matter ain’t got any life, I get very much freaked out . I don’t know why people consider matter lifeless. For me, matter breathes life !! Let me make myself  clear through this lively post …where you can sense my breath flowing in form of words. The very matter which makes life grow may well be lifeless. But since it supports life, we should not call it lifeless. The soil which gives the nutrition to the seed, the air which carries the much-needed carbon dioxide to the leaves, the water which climbs up the stem of the plant to support all the branches — but for all these, is the plant able to live.  Remove one of the life supports , and the life ceases to exist. Matter therefore is as important as life is. Although nobody can deny the importance of life forms, but matter has equally significant role to play in the survival of life itself. Sunlight which seems lifeless, is responsible for life on earth.

The speechless photo may remind one of his/her beloved and give a plethora of blissful memories. A painting by an artist can evoke the most beautiful feelings in someone’s heart. An autobiography by passionate basketball player can change a person’s life. Before making an idol of our favourite deity , the sculptor just sees the stone. If he just brushed aside the stone as matter, then how would he chisel the divine form from the stone to perfection? Matter is representative of life even though it doesn’t have life. We all give some life to things around us. My room is usually very neat (my friends and my mother know what I mean). So, if I am not there around, then the room will be unusual. My presence gave a characteristic personality to the room. It reminds people of me. You know why temples are massive, magnificent and beautiful , so that when a person sees from any point of the city, he remembers the divine. If I claim that matter  lives like us, you might retort that it is too far-fetched argument. But the physics proves this very fact. Electrons are constantly in motion in the otherwise seemingly stationary atoms in block of wood. Can anybody understand why they move ? In fact, the vibrations of atoms are so small, that we perceive the illusion of opaque matter. People have tried to reach absolute zero temperature where nothing vibrates a whisker bit. But all their attempts have taken them closer but never to zero.

There will always be people who consider matter lifeless. To them , my reply will be, “Go get a life, dude”.


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