Bandh : A way of life !!

When a big bustling city comes to standstill, it feels different. The streets are deserted and people stay indoors. The business stops, markets are closed and the corporate sector doesn’t progress. The public transport is shutdown. Amidst all these stifled processes, the worst affected is the common man. One day’s progress is denied for the common man. The reason for the denial is as unreasonable as it can get. There are a few war-mongers , a few so-called activists (referring themselves to be social or political) and a few hard-core idiots.

The troublemakers don’t lose anything because for them it is the show-off day when other days are no-show. Who loses when some good for nothing crackpots cause a bandh(a self-imposed curfew common in India)? The common man loses. His child doesn’t get his school’s lessons, his old parents can’t go to hospital for treatment, he can’t go to office to do his private job and therefore, has to work harder the next day to compensate. His wife can’t go to grocery shop to buy groceries. The picture that I am trying to paint is live and happening in the largest democracy of the world where freedom is one of the fundamental rights. The reason these political groups initiate bandh is to disrupt the normal life so that the government accedes to the request. Probably what they are fighting for is really worthy fighting but doing a strike and all-shut-down doesn’t benefit the nation in any way.

When I asked why the next-door kid in my apartments didn’t go to school, he replied promptly, “Today there is Telangana bandh.” From this instance , we can imagine that how our kids are imbibing these new concepts. For them, bandhs are not just holidays to enjoy, they learn that through that it is a way of getting your thing done. No wonder, when these kids become adults, they spearhead these strikes and bandhs to enjoy more holidays and childishly trying to get their wants satisfied by the government. The worst part comes when they mob the public or private property with a savagery and barbarism rarely seen. The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corp. suffered severe losses in the past year because lobbyists torched about 150-200 buses of its fleet. The state transport faces acute shortage of buses and infrastructure as such and these incidents just make their development even more far-fetched.

I am not against our right to voice against government or its policies or any other organization for that matter. I am against the anti-social activism and vandalism in the garb of social activism and political uprightness donned by few members of this cultured society. I am against the very idea of doing a strike or bandh to get our demands across. Recently, there is a new wave of protest against the malpractices by observing a self-imposed fast. It is better than stopping people who are working for their daily livelihoods. We are leading our lives in the age of reform and development, when  every man’s single day’s progress takes our nation a step forward, where for some of our brethren, each day’s work means each day’s bread.If a child’s school day is lost, it  means that the child lived a day of ignorance.  Let us withdraw ourselves from indulging in this unworthy delinquency. Let us be more responsible and build a Utopian society based on ethical and moral values.


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