Dad: My Inspiration !

Dads have something in common all around the world. They are heroes for their kids. They have achieved a great degree in their lives , the degree of fatherhood. This degree makes them responsible, caring, affectionate and frightening too. The difference between mom and dad is that mom helps the kid to make his first step whereas dad tells him get up from his first fall and continue walking. Father makes the child more self-reliant. So my Dad was no different. But the difference lay somewhere else … He was not a different dad. but he made difference to me and my life.

He was a unique person in the family. My dad was different from his father(my grandpa) too. He  looked at life differently. The best part of him was his smiling and beaming face which lightened up the darkest of situations. My memoirs of dad brings happiness to my heart and vigour to my life. I really am indebted to him as a son and this post is dedicated to him who made me from nothing to everything. Here I list few anecdotes and his qualities which prove to be my life lessons. I share them with the view that it might help and inspire anyone of us by this great, brave man in my life.

Be Amicable

He used to help others a lot. My grandparents used to keep advising him to restrain himself. But it would take him seconds to get out and meet someone outside. Once, I went to office with him which I liked ’cause I could play on computers and see internet. Back then, internet was not so easily available as is now.( I have grown up with the Windows as it developed from DOS to Windows 7, so I know).People needed to have dial-up connections which were pretty costly. Corporate Offices had easy access to the internet.   A small peon came up to him, he gave him some papers and said “Sir, the work is done . Here are the papers they gave back. ” He went away. My father looked at me and said, “See this guy, I once had helped him. Today he doesn’t even hesitate to help me on small errands. ” or to that effect.   What held me in awe was the number of friends he used to have around him. As soon as he stepped out of the home in scooter ( later in a car ), every street there will be at least one person who used to wave hand at him as a mark of recognition. He used to wave back with a smile. I would be sitting behind him in scooter. The people will be from all walks of life; the laundryman, a teacher, the street pan vendor, the shopkeeper. One day, when I went out with him for a morning walk, he waved his hand at a stranger. I had never known this person  or seen him. But, after he passed by exchanging smiles, I asked my father curiously who he was. My father said,”I too don’t know. I meet him daily on this street at this time. So, we just say Hi to each other and walk on.” I was so amused that he was a total stranger yet my father used to just smile at him. Stranger was strange word for him. For wherever he went, he used to make friends. Leave him in a room with strangers , and at once after some time everyone will be knowing him.

Smile at problems

Whenever a problem used to come, be it at office or at home, he used to give it a smile. One day, he called back home saying that, “My car is stolen. Don’t worry it will come back.”. Everybody at home was worried and disturbed at such a loss. But, he was not at all disturbed. He just said, “If it has to come back, then it definitely will come back to me, otherwise it was so.” Car-thefts were very common in Delhi. It was highly improbable that somebody can get back his car. But the miracle happened, the police found the car abandoned without air-conditioner and music player at a public place. It was really his positivism and God’s mercy that could return the stolen car back.

Encourage Others

His ability to encourage was so good that even a sick guy will start working. My grandmother used to tell that if my father comes inside the room, she would feel enormously strengthened. When I entered the hostel, for first time I was away from home. I was not scoring so well. But he used to call me daily and encourage me to study well, play well and sleep well. His positivism was unbounded. He would just say good words to make others feel better. Though this may mean nothing to us, but if we can say a few positive words in this negative world , we can make it a better place to live.

To conclude, I had some beautiful moments with my father. These few cherished moments will forever be the guiding light in my life. I remember you father. I love you.


3 comments on “Dad: My Inspiration !

  1. sreeja says:

    Nothing to say Prashanth………I am so happy ……….
    He didnt tell u how to live,he lived…….learn from his life……….

  2. Uday says:

    Dear Shuvan,
    Very nice reading ur post about father’s. I’m sure u’ll have very fond memories of him. He must have been a wonderful man…
    Well we see many of his qualities in you, we are so proud of you.

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