What is society ?

Well, Society is such a complex phenomenon that I can’t resist from writing about. I have been all these months writing a few articles on how we perceive few things in society such as emotions , the digital thinking of humans, routines and our dependence on technology. The way it behaves is what none understands. Society is a collection of individuals. Now, many is not just a sum. It is more than that. Each person lives in a world created by himself and perceives it as the actual one. But the society as a whole reacts differently. It reacts with the most common sentiment or most fashionable statement.  What is in vogue today may not be worthy of mention tomorrow.

Society is not just being social alone, there is something more to it than we understand. Society is what each one defines others without himself. The society progresses based on how many thousands of people think in their daily. life. A social phenomenon can go viral and change the market trends unpredictably. Before the mobile phone was introduced, people thought pagers were more than enough. Today’s children are growing up with mobile phones and might never ever know what pagers were.The Facebook caught the attention of half the world’s Internet population and the social networking has never been the same. In the society, a person has three sides of his personality.  His/Her  personality is composed of what others perceive he/she is, what he/she perceives himself/herself as and what actually he/she is. These three aspects is what relates society to individuals.

Now, how everyone lives in this complex society is by forgetting its complexity. We don’t bother to think about these things because we don’t feel the need to do so. We have gossip to share, work to do, radio to listen and movies to see and what not. Distractions do their job in keeping us busy. But the question is where our society is heading ? You may ask if it is a worthy question. Yes it may not be a worthy question. It is like asking whether we will survive ourselves; whether we have a future and how it will look like. For some of us who live in the present, it is just a waste of time. But then fools like me who are yet to find our purpose of existence, think about these matters and heat our brains. I don’t understand and wonder with awe that without knowing any of these things we still can go on with our lives without bother. Finally it ends up with whether society is pleased with us or not.(Though some people aint care a bit. ) People who never bothered to help the society were remembered, whereas there were persons who helped a lot anonymously and were forgotten. What helps the society is another question. Is a technological invention of a massage chair helpful for the society or stem cell research do good to our upcoming generations. Nobody knows for nobody is interested. All are in their own wells making their own progress. The best way is to leave every question for “others” to answer . Welcome to human society !! What’s next ?

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