What I learned from a movie

In this post, I would like to review some of the interesting lessons from a recent movie.  So, let me begin my rant.

About Time : This romantic movie is a bit slow. But that being said, it’s an interesting watch. It lures us into the fantasy of the changing our past. If we could rewrite our history, however difficult it might seem, we could start a string of events leading to a world-scale revolution. The filmmakers might have realized the futility of tying all the loose ends during the production as changing a single moment could lead to numerous possibilities. But what struck me the most about the movie was a simple statement. We are all time-travellers. We travel together in time with our friends and families. These time and space bindings describe our life, our journey through space and time. Finally, many of these space-time crossings lead to our relationships which last for a lifetime and change the course of our lives. We fail to realise this. We don’t know that we are ageing even as you read this post. In Indian Mythology, a demon asked a righteous king named Yudhisthira, “O king, What is the most mysterious thing in this world ?”. The wise king replied, “The most mysterious thing is that people see death around them. But still, they behave as if they are going to live forever. ”  I could relate to one moment which was very dear to my heart. This moment is when the protagonist has to renounce his father’s existence in the accessible past as his wife is preparing for the delivery of a new child which could not be reversed in time. I wish if I could talk to my father once before his leaving. But sadly life doesn’t give that much of freedom.

Finally to prove that we don’t realize that we are ageing, here is a video simulation by a 3D specialist, Anthony Cerniello.In his own words,  “The idea was that something is happening but you can’t see it but you can feel it, like ageing itself.”

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