The Woe of a Phoenix


I have seen a world.
And I have seen it all.
As a history told or the story untold.
Through its rise and through its fall.

I’ve died here,
and I’ve risen.
Death gave me no fear.
I’ll never smite or be smitten.

I fear life and I fear pain.
To be born, to grow up and then to die.
Don’t I observe the same cycle again’n’again?
Is there a dash of hope or just hue and cry ?

Now my black ashes lie
I have lived enough, felt pleasure and pain
I have nothing else left to try
Then why should I ?
Yes, why should I take birth again ?

Let the wind come by,
And make my ashes fly.
Nowhere shall I be,
Yet everywhere will my remnants pry.

May my dust thus give a raw seed,
All the nutrients that it might need.
End my vicious cycle with a good deed.
May the world benefit from a new creed.


2 comments on “The Woe of a Phoenix

  1. vijaya rao says:

    It’s well worded and expressive to d root as Phoenix symbolises d birth of a new1 from d ashes…I can sense d reality and pain woven into these lines ..great going…

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