a dream thus broken


the time i awakened
my nightmare was over
i found that life
had just rolled over

in my dream, i lived a life
a life with lost ambition
where hope was crushed and lost was reason
Logic did fail and uprooted was wisdom

it is after all a dream, huh
you may snub me
what harm could it do
but i ask, have you had
a dream that follows through
and wakes up to life

Is not life such a dream ?
Hmm, a dream that is real..
a dream within a dream
that sand falling into the glass
‘I am passing by’ says Time, for all it may seem,
But a dream never ends, but a life does not las(t).

now, time is made of moments
moments that’re gold
some good, some shy and some repugnant
but all come together and then fold

then, there are moments which one laments
why they ended so soon
of course, the worst are torments
which killed the mood.

the times that i pained
believing pain will end sooner
Though the anguish never ended,
i did get resilient and bolder.

and then, there are moments undefined
those puny little times when one is alone
when the brain recesses to thoughts unrefined,
when one ponders about life and life’s dreary zone.

in those solitary moments
of my science experiments and laser beams,
i sit gazing at the broken mirrors and components
thinking about long-lost wild dreams.

dreams that meant something;
that had lost their shine and sheen
dreams that were closely real
but, were seized and made unseen.

dreams of being a king, a poet, a scientist, a business man
with lots of warriors, gold, estate,  books, labs and fame
dreams of being a content human
with a family, a roof overhead, plenty of food and no God to blame.

Is all this a mind game ? Or am I a freak?
Am I the kicking footballer or the football getting kicked towards the goalie.
Then comes a thought like a lightning streak
Blitzkrieg, a shock to kick me out of my never-ending reverie

A buzzer interrupts breaking my daydream
or shall i call it a nightmare undesired ?
I continued my monotonous experimental routine
1. Rotate a screw, 2. modulate the laser and 3. start the scan
Only to drift away in another dream of my age fifteen



One comment on “a dream thus broken

  1. Vijaya Rao says:

    If you are writing a poem because you want to capture a feeling that you experienced, then you don’t need to follow any rules of poetry..if u r expressing ur inner feelings or describing an experience in poetic form dn u can follow d mind language and description and d words will flow and add-on.
    Here in this poem, what I feel is half d poem is totally rhythmic with all rhyming, but later d trend has changed and d flow of words took to move towards expressing ur thoughts in a more different angle even though u have not deviated from ur thoughts…but some how I felt I am reading d combo of 2 poems…d later part more towards description in detail..or I will say verses…
    Then I feel dt d order u take in d first line apply to d second line also dn it will explain better like king, poet etc..
    U use simple language which is in a way good but poetry can absorb a little strong vocabulary..
    It’s worth reading and well written and sorry for my slang, got used it and saves typing..

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