Eternal Symphony

Winds’ whistle and flower’s sway,
Who arranged these notes in array ?
Leaf’s flutter, Tree’s Swish,
Isn’t that the music played to God’s wish ?

A bee’s hum and a woodpecker’s tap,
Does Nature play a harp on her lap ?
A lark’s warble and a Bird’s tweet,
What’s the undertone of this song so sweet ?

Click Clack Click, chips away the rock’s gravel
as the sculptor’s hammer strikes the chisel.
From an ugly formless stone does manifest
The beautiful lady who can allure the best.

Tick Tock Tick Tock,runs the punctual clock
Pom pom pom flare the sirens near the ship dock
Drums beat and cymbals crash, many hands clap
Setting the rhythm to the entire track

The jingle of the bangles, the beat of the native drum,
Whoosh of the whiplash, the buzz of market conundrum
the cling of the anklets, the twang of the harp,
Cuts through the rough exteriors of cruelest men sharp

Beautiful indeed is to witness the music unbound.
How melody wraps itself like a tapestry shawl around
those jolly folks gathered about a night bonfire
Happy ’cause they are content without desire.

Tempestuous waves crashed on the rock,
Breaking shy shore’s silent deadlock,
And the violent thunder of the rainstorm
Shows how nature doesn’t always conform.

Ringing bells of the village church
Tweeting Birds on the tree’s perch
Creates a strange melancholy strain
making bravest man’s courage wane

Squeal of a Boar, Lion’s roar and a deer’s groan
Owls hoot, Elephants toot and Wolves moan
Frogs croak, Donkeys bray and Crows caw,
Nature still delights in a cacophony so raw.

Melodious harmony of these universal sounds,
Opened up the unknown chambers of my heart’s bounds
Isn’t this rapturous, the soulful yet mysterious refrain,
Soothes the soul and sends it to bliss difficult to contain.

Since the time began, the cosmic harvest of galaxies was reaped
On this elegant space, the celestial dancer danced and leaped
This eternal dance still persists, as the sands of time pour on,
The mother nature invents a new step, new move and life goes on.

As tones of this resonant music flow,
Through the veins of earth’s slow.
The remnants of these strains shall sow,
A memorable song every child’ll know.

Filling a pervasive symphony from a celestial lark
in the humongous cosmic vacuum, silent and dark
Breaking, thus, the trance of lifeless warp of space time,
With light, sound and joy,  emanates life sublime.


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