Autumn had come again

Autumn had come again
drying up my creativity and zeal
What else can such a season evoke
but of stifled emotions and locked-up feel

Autumn had come again
just like the tree outside my window,
the poet in me saw a slow death
the tree lost more leaves than it could grow

Autumn did come again with dry winds
through empty streets giving the icy chills
Drying up the perfect human’s soul and skin
My wandering heart loiters in the high brown hills
Searching for a reason to write a poem about aging.

Oh spring, why did you leave us ?
You left us without a note or goodbye.
A soulless nuclear winter of human misdemeanor ?
No one knows what future holds in store.
All that left is an antique of what was before.
Alas! a lush green tree turned into an eyesore


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