Picture Courtesy from Pixabay

Striking through the heavenly sky, soothing moon beams
give a strange calm to my anxious heart and it’s whims
Those infinite celestial pillars of pure, silver light
add an angelic presence to the evil maleficent night

How generous indeed is the moon like a mother
giving away perpetually all it had to some other.
Being a giver in a world reeking with greed,
scattering the radiant sun’s light as it inherited.

What a fine example have you set, O benevolent moon!
Who rewards these selfless works, O distant giver of boon,
Sometimes you shine bright and sometimes you hide
Lore revered and blemished you for changing the tide,
Sometimes you’re good and at times you’re on the wrong side
Shiva dimmed your sheen to counter your false pride
Ganesha brought you to knees for your laughing dare.
Every mother tells her child about the mythical moon-hare

Romantic as it looks to the starry eyed teens
Taking with it those dreamy moonlit scenes,
the tired night yawns and the wandering moon sleeps as well
As the pinkish dawn fights through the moon’s magical spell,
I long for those moon-lit valleys and trails
–those that we often hear in old folk tales,
with cold wintery, jittery nights and gusty gales,
those beautiful, disappearing, silvery Moon-trails.


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