Hi, This blog is written by Shuvan Prashant. He is a blah blah PhD student in a blah blah University. His research interests are so and so … .Are you really bothered about details?  I too can’t resist to introduce myself but in not so detailed way.

I am the nerdy Phd guy you are most likely to find inside a University lab working his brains out on experiments and pulling his hair out. I love to know about how people are,  their beliefs, cultures and lifestyles. I think a lot about how our society works and pen my thoughts here. Other than research, I play sports, tinker musically with electronic keyboards(now you may call it music or noise), read books,blogs, and enjoy movies and music.


2 comments on “About

  1. manoj says:

    Hey dude,

    You are getting more amd more creative these days!!!!!!!

    I m loving it!!!!!!

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